Lionbridge Scam

Is Lionbridge a Scam?

Lionbridge is NOT a scam but it is NOT a good job to get if you want to work online. I worked for Lionbridge for about 4 months in 2010 into 2011. To get the job I had to study a manual before taking 2 tests.

I then started working for Lionbridge as a Interent Assessor or Quality Rater, I’m not sure which is the proper title. As I worked I was required to study many more manuals to be able to do many different types of rating tasks. Things seemed to be going well for the first couple months.

Lionbridge has a policy that states, each Quality Rater will be reviewed by the Lionbridge big-wigs to see if productivity level is up to standards and then will be given a star-rating (out of 5 stars) each month. According to Lionbridge policy, if any Quality rater receives a 2-star rating twice in a 6 month periodthey will be terminated.

I got a 3-star rating after 2 months and did not receive another star-rating and was terminated about 2 months after that. So in 4 month period I received a 3-star rating just once and was terminated without warning. I then tried to email the Lionbridge team and ask why and tried to reason with them but I did not get a good response. They replied to my emails with rudeness and an UNprofessional attitude.

In that 4 month period I spent more than half my time studying the many manuals that I received from Lionbridge in which I did not get paid for. I knew I was spending alot of time studying and not getting paid but I just wanted to be a great Quality Rater. I thought I was investing that time for the long-term with Lionbridge. BIG MISTAKE !!

I personally know 5 other people who had this exact same experience. They were terminated after only 3 or 4 months and after spending much of their time (not getting paid) studying the manuals. After some calculation, I, and the people I know earned about $8 to $9 per hour. (From the supposed $14.50) A COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME !!!

In conclusion:

Lionbridge does pay on time (once a month) BUT Lionbridge does not care about the time you waste studying. Lionbridge just terminates people without warning or without giving anyone a chance to improve. Lionbridge has wasted precious time of many people I know. Lionbridge is a dirty company and I suggest avoiding working for them at all cost.

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  • jimena

    I made all the training data they send, I took the exams, I spend in these almost 20 hours and… the only I get it was a mail saying that I marginally failed on the exam and I will need to complete more practice data in order to be able to another exam.
    I made it and it was trickier than the first one. I still have no answer from them, because they doesn´t tell you how much do you need to score to pass the test, but I tried to loggin into the toolbar whit the account that they give me (and the one with I used to log for the practice) and now I´m unauthorized.
    Although the SAP says my aplication is still in process. I made all this training to became a Bing Quality Rater for Argentina and I must say that the rates they consider correct are need to be review.

  • EC

    I passed the first test and then got to the second lot of training material and found broken images and the webinars came out muffled. So I emailed the support people, and it was broken. I found another email address but received no reply to how to fix the webinars. I’m so glad I found these comments as I was wondering whether it was worth me putting all my free time into study with no idea if I’d pass the second test.

  • PT

    I would NOT recommend working with them at this time.

    Too much automation hiding their faults.

    Their Internet assessor program has some merit but I found the ‘training’ materials had flaws, a number of their practice data pages dead and not local and when local data was provided – a lack of understanding of content for official responses.

    Having similar experiences to others here and happily – I failed at the second test.

    However Google/Microsoft etc should note the official rating process lets major local content considerations fly out the door.

    Regarding the time spent preparing etc, I have escalated and will gain recompense for my time.

  • Robert V

    Thank you for your courage and candor in describing your experience with Lionbridge. After studying carefully the first set of guidelines and passing the first part of the exam, I took the second part of the exam as required. Because I knew the material thoroughly, had my own specific notes, and had researched each Query ahead of time, I had no trouble with the exam, understood each situation, took my time, and was quite confident that I would qualify with flying colors. Yet I received an email almost immediately saying I had not ‘passed.’ What?! I know my own abilities and level of intelligence, and I know how to study and gain understanding of material, especially when it’s in a field of endeavor that relates to my experience and education. Something about Lionbridge’s decision and final email still bothers me. Anyone reading this comment can draw their own conclusion. Lots of work. No reward. No explanation.

  • Andrew

    Sure am glad I saw this forum on Lionbridge before singing up to them. So sad, so heartless, this company continues to endorse the underlying doubt about work online! My thoughts are with you folks and a BIG thanks for the heads up!

  • Júlia B.

    The only person I know who worked with them was completely satisfied. Just sayin’.

  • Belinda

    I just started working for them, and already am considering ditching the job. I too spend many hours studying for and sitting the exam. I had to study the exam with a manual had many broken links to examples, so I could not view them. Was given no support whatsoever on this issue. As already mentioned, the expectation to review their material in your own time is ongoing. On top of all this, I signed up for 10-20 hrs/week, but more often than not there is no work available, so its almost impossible to get even 10 hrs in unless you get in there as soon as the work is released and work like crazy to get all the hrs in you can before it dries up, which kind of defeats the purpose of having a job where you can work to your own schedule.

  • Jane

    I’m currently studying to try to qualify. I desperately need some income right now!!! But they have never sent me a copy of the HRS Guidelines. I have emailed them and been told they are available on the Qualification Portal….. but they are not! I emailed again asking if they could please send me a link to the guidelines. This was over a week ago and no reply! Reading all the posts above, I wonder if it is at all possible for me to qualify without the quidelines and just by going through the self-study power-points :(

  • Marilyn

    My experience with them was similar to Robert V.’s. After being invited to take the exam, I studied their guidelines very carefully and believed (and still believe) that I knew what I was doing. Of course the guildelines were open while I took the test. The exam came in part 1, which was theoretical multiple choice, part 2 which was page rating and part 3 which was page rating and utility rating. I passed parts 1 and 2 and then waited almost a week before getting an automated message saying I wasn’t successful in passing the exam and they can’t give any feedback and dispose of their stuff, etc.

    Maybe I did blow it, but I don’t think so. I think it’s more likely that they just don’t have enough work for everyone and the system stops scoring after a certain number. Also, some of the data could have gotten corrupted. Those automated responses relieve them of the discomfort of telling human beings that they went through all that misery and there is no job. Then they keep weeding after they’ve hired the next bunch.

    Robert V., compared to this blogger’s experience, being told you failed that exam may have been a gift.

  • shokee

    I got into their program and worked several hours ‘on the clock’ but my total minutes were about 200 for all that time I put in. I would “work” 4 hours and get about 45 minutes for it. I began towards the end of a pay period so I got an email saying my hours were “approved” for payment. Never did get that money! LOL.

    So I simply stopped doing it. I didn’t quit. I wanted to see what they would do. It was weird because I would keep getting these emails with a Scolding sound to them about how my ratings were not up to par. I only worked at this for about 3 days (and got that total of 200 minutes for it). I kept getting the emails long after I had stopped rating. So it looked like it was automated. And it looks rigged because you keep getting the emails.

    I got rid of my email address and everything else associated with them after that. In fact that thing we had to download, the rating toolbar, I deleted it from my computer and shortly after doing that I got an email saying they were having some difficulties with their rating toolbar and apologized for any inconvenience but I needed to get it from a new link. Weird.

    Anyways, I would not trust this company for what they are telling you. Call me paranoid if you want but I do believe I was giving them access to my computer.

    They also do not allow two members in the same household to work for them. You can find people on comment forums saying they’ve worked for them for a long time, but they could be just plants. More people are fired than anything and what do you get for all the time you spend? Not Much!! In my case I actually lost money because of all the papers I printed on manuals…the ink cost me about $30.

    I don’t know what their agenda is, but highly doubt it has much to do with what they say. Don’t work for them. You could be handing over the keys to your computer for them to snoop.

  • buzzardprey

    Lionbridge is just a lousy, uncaring business to do work for. They do NOT care for the time you put into learning the ropes. They violate their own policies and terminate people without any warning. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME!!